The Cremation of Sam McGee and Other Verses by Robert Service: An Italian Translation

Maestro Giacomo Puccini first introduced Italians to the California Gold Rush of 1849 with his opera "La Fanciulla del West." Now Professor Giovanni Tempesta with his brilliant Italian rendition of Robert Service's best rhymes welcomes Italians, Italian-Americans, and students of Italian to the less known and yet magical and romantic world of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon territory.You will meet such unforgettable characters as Sam McGee, Dan McGrew and the Lady that's known as Lou. You will enjoy the Midnight Sun, the Golden Lights and the savage beauty that is "The Spell of the Yukon." Tempesta's vivid Italian version of Service's poetry begs to be recited out loud, read and re-read and read yet again.

  • Autore: Giovanni Tempesta
  • Formato: Rilegato, 15.5 x 23.5 cm
  • Pagine: 122
  • Editore: Authorhouse
  • Anno: 122

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