From Calabria to Firenze to Portland, Andrea Algieri’s Mbrascatu is a fusion of the cobbled streets and cafés of the Old World and the creative melting pot of Portland, which brought the artists that play on the self-titled debut together.

If you’ve ever spent some time in Italy, Algieri’s spirited vocals, expelling lyric after lyric in Italian, are enough to guide you down the winding alleyways and rich aromas of your memory. Even if you’ve only listened to a few Italian folk records, his strumming, alongside the distinctive bowing the violin and plucking of several other stringed instruments, will transport you to another place, and maybe even another time or season. 

1. Non Dirmi
2. San Francesco Bar
3. Il Pazzo
4. Piu' Grande
5. Lalalarala
6. Good Bye
7. Mille
8. Dormi Ancora
9. Tempo
10. Ma Se

  • Artista: Mbrascatu
  • Formato: Audio CD, 1 disco
  • Etichetta: CD Baby/Mbrascatu
  • Anno: 2014

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