Storia D'Amore

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"A Tale of Love" is showing at the 2012 New Italian Cinema Festival in San Francisco (November 12th, 6:15pm). In one of her early roles, Golino plays the struggling, hard-working Bruna, who awakens in the middle of the night for her demeaning job as an office janitor. Upon arriving home, the work continues as she cooks and cleans for her siblings and father. Optimistic nevertheless, she finds time for love, and one man in particular begins to draw her away from her family's overbearing demands. For her powerful work in the lead part, Golino took home Venice's Best Actress Prize and director Francesco Maselli won the Grand Special Jury Prize. La giovane Bruna egrave; costretta a un'esistenza di sacrifici, divisa fra la vita domestica orfana di madre, deve prendersi cura del padre e dei fratelli - e un umile lavoro che la costringe ad alzarsi ogni giorno alle tre del mattino. Ma sul tram, una mattina, incontra Sergio...

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