Marco Polo Vuole Viaggiare: Marco Polo Wants to Travel

Introduce children to the Italian language at to one of the most amazing historical figures, Marco Polo.

The book starts with a charming story about young Marco Polo, with color illustrations and text in two languages (Italian and English).

At the end of the story, to illustrate Marco Polo’s achievements, are:

- A map that shows Marco Polo's journey

- Historical Notes highlighting Marco Polo's life milestones

To reinforce language understanding, readers have:

- Five pages of language activities, and

- A small dictionary with all the key-words found in the story.

  • Autore: Claudia Cerulli
  • Formato: Brossura, 20.3 x 25.4 cm
  • Pagine: 40
  • Editore: Long Bridge Publishing
  • Anno: 2009

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