Dino Campana: Orphic Songs

Orphic Songs from the Italian of Dino Campana is a unique contribution to the art of translation by I. L. Salomon, noted for his admirable rendering of the poems of Carlo Betocchi.  The present volume is ablaze with the fury of a poet crazed by life.  In 1014 Dino Campana “was the wild man of Italian poetry…”  These 52 poems and prose-poems “read as if they were thrown into the wind in an ecstasy of violence.  They reflect the disintegration of a man.”  The impact of Orphic Songs on Italian youth was as tremendous as Allen Ginsberg’s Howl on the youth of America some forty years later.  World War I saved the young Italians from rebellion and from Fascism, but not Dino.  A hobo, discovering Whitman and Poe for himself, Campana spent the last 14 years of his life in an asylum near Florence.

  • Autore: Dino Campana
  • Formato: Rilegato, 13.6 x 22.8 cm
  • Pagine: 166
  • Editore: October House
  • Traduttore: I. L. Salomon
  • Anno: 1968

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