Cafe Vernacular. The art of Tom Bottoms

Filtered through the sensitive eye of fellow painter Frank Galuzka, the quiet magic of Tom Bottoms' artwork emerges on every page of tehis ilustrated book.  With rare an dengaging insight, one painter considers the unexpected perpective of another in pages that reveal a lifetime of observing the everyday world of cafes, markets, an dcity life.  Familiar objects, earthy colors, and tangible moments unfold on every page. Rewarding art-lovers and travellers alike, the book offers vernacular vistas, appetizers for the eye.

Filled with colorful illustrations, the book's cordial and inviting narrative is written in English with Italian translation on every page.

  • Autore: Frank Galuszka
  • Formato: Brossura, 15.8 x 21.5 cm
  • Pagine: 117
  • Editore: Cafe Margo
  • Traduttore: Giada Diano
  • Anno: 2022

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