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Artist Colette Crutcher, creator of the magnificent Moraga Mosaic Steps and the Hidden Garden Steps, is designing an Italian themed bookshelf featuring books, quotes, poems and Italian figures and landmarks.

Support Libreria Pino by purchasing a single tile, page tile, or Italian figure or landmark.

Single Tile: Tile sizes are based on the number of characters. Choose a size below and then personalize it!  Feature names of Italian poets and writers. Your name or the name of your favorite book...
(Small tile - 15 characters / Large tile - 25 characters)

Half or Full Page Book: Features quotes of Italian poetry or favorite lines from Italian writers.  Half page priced from $1,000.
(Half page - 50 characters / Whole page - 100 characters)

Once upon a time there was…
‘A king!’ my little readers will say straight away.  
No, children, you are mistaken.  Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi

Italian Figures and Landmarks: Team up with friends, family, and neighbors in your community to purchase a vibrant tile element - a dramatic design such as the statue of David, the Tower of Pisa, or the Colosseum. Priced from $2,000.

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