You have the clocks, we have the time. Generational event to not give up on the future

"If I go back to Italy for a few days, I feel immediately overwhelming. At 56 years old I am the wrong age? Governments, businesses, experts describe my peers as a"cost."We earn too much, we enjoy anachronistic protection, and when we retire we will blow the balance of the welfare. No matter if we still feel fit, we are already "gerontocracy." No one finds a solution to this crisis, but many seem to agree in identifying the cause: the problem is us, the baby boomers. We were born in the last Golden Age, that period (1945-1965) That coincided with an economic boom across the West and had a side effect perhaps even more important: the explosion of births. As if it were not enough, then, the extraordinary extension of life expectancy made us one of the longest generations. And of this unusual survival of ours it is almost like a skiing But an individually so positive event- living longer- can turn into a calamity? No, we baby boomers are a huge resource even now that we become "grey panthers" "The challenge facing us in America i s to invent a new life and a new role for the next twenty or thirty years."

  • Author: Federico Rampini
  • Format: Brossura. 15 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 169
  • Editor: Mondadori
  • Collana: Blue street
  • Year: 2012

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