Came to the world

One morning Gemma rises on a plane, dragging himself behind a son of today, Peter, a sixteen-year-old boy. Destination Sarajevo, city-border between West and East, wounded by a past nearby. To wait at it at the airport, Gojko, Poeta Bosnian, friend, brother, love missed, who at the festive time of the 1984 winter Olympics ferried gem to her the love of her of her life, Diego, the photographer of puddle. The novel tells the story of this love, a story of feasecdent boys who meet today aged in a recent post-war period. A passionate love story, imperfect as real loves. But also the story of a maternity sought, denied, compensation. The mysterious path of a birth that makes a clean square of science, biology, and becomes in the prehistoric placenta of a war that kills Prosrea. The adventure of Gemma and Diego is also the story of all of us, because this is a contemporary novel. Of peace and war. Peace is smoky aridity of a flaccid west of egoism, lost in brine of wellness. The war is that of a woman who hires an extreme and outrageous battle against nature. Sarajevo's siege becomes the siege of each character of this story of non-heroes argued from history in a fate that seems waiting for them as a chosen shooter. A novel-world, of strong ethical commitment, spreading as a thriller, emblematic like a parable.

  • Author: Margaret Mazzantini
  • Pages: 532
  • Format: Paperback, 12.7 x 19.5 cm
  • Publisher: Mondadori
  • Necklace: Oscar 451
  • Year: 2018

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