Go Diego! - The Great Gorilla

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

The disc encloses the following episodes: 'The feast of the Gorilla' 'Panchita The prairie dog' 'The ostrich' 'The race of the forest animals' 'Mack La Pinguina Macaroni' 'The Blue Morpho butterfly'. 'The feast of the gorilla': Diego returns to Africa from him friend Juma to look for two small mountain gorilla disappeared that kings will be crowned! Do you want to help them find the future kings of Gorilla? ...; 'Panchita the prairie dog': helps Diego to Alicia at the rescue ranch when they meet Panchita, a prairie dog that needs to find grassy expanses for the family of him ...; 'The ostrich': Rhea is bad for whatsoCute; she does not powograph; You fly, but you find out you can do many other great things when he becomes a rescuer of animals and solves the situation with you and to Diego! ...; 'The race of the forest animals: Armadillo Egrave; able to win the rainforest race against pugrave animals; Great? Together with Diego Help her to use her abiled; to win!...; 'Mack La Pinguina Macaroni': Mack, La Penguina Macaroni, Egrave; As soon as I get out of the egg, but you need Diego's help to return from mom and papaPrave; on the island of penguins ...; 'Blue Morpho' butterfly: Diego must bring a Blue Morpho butterfly to his rainforest native. He helps the Blue Morpho to fly high, find fruit to eat, to avoid a big bird and more!

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