Go Diego! - Diego saves the world!

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

Join Diego, to her sister Alicia, and to their friends scattered around the world to run to save animals in difficulty;: from Latin America to India, from Egypt to the submerged world! This record contains six episodes: "Diego the hero!" "The rescue of the Tamarino Oedipo" "The desire of the Bengal tiger" "Diego saves the little whale" "The little Alco learns to migrate" the adventure of the Egyptian Dromedary ". "Diego the hero!": Diego and the small jaguar must help Alicia and some penguins, but when they leave the forest to face the icy waters they will also need your help! ...; "The rescue of the Tamarino Oedipus": travels to the Colombian rainforest where Diego needs your help to save a Lost EDIPO tamarino in a cave ...; "The desire for the Bengal tiger": to bring together the Bengal tiger Benji to his mother after a shower, Diego needs your help to find the desire tree! ...; "Diego saves the little whale": a whale egrave; Beached on a rocky island! Diego needs your help and from the sheet, the lute turtle, to bring it back to the ocean! ...; "The little hawk learns to migrate": In this adventure in the skies Jorge the hawk must migrate, but when he finds himself separated from the rest of the hawks he needs the help of Diego, his "plane-hawk" and you!. ..; "The adventure of the Egyptian Dromedario": Help Diego, Him Friend of him Medina and Jamal The Dromedario on this Egyptian trip to the great pyramids to find the golden cloud that portregrave; The rain at the thirsty dromedars in the desert.

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