Men and no

In "Men and No", written by Vittorini between the spring and the autumn of 1944, the historical-realistic and narrative and linguistic instance are joined together. The novel is focused on the affair of Enne 2, a partisan who lives resistance to Milan in 1944, looking for an authentic life.

However, he is committed to Berta's refusal, to which he is linked by an impossible love. Social and existential despair will push enne 2 to one last, suicide war enterprise. Composed during resistance, the novel reflects the incurable relationship between humanity and violence, men and selfjodes. Six interventions by the author, reported in italics in the text, require the reader's attention the two companies in which man is condemned to live, addressed by two points of view and therefore testified by a different dimension of the facts.

Author: Elio Vittorini

Format: Paperback, 12.5 x 19.5 cm

Pages: 222

Publisher: Mondadori

Necklace: Modern Oscar

Year: 2016

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