A man

"A man" is the novel of the life of Alekos Panagulis, who in 1968 is sentenced to death in the Greece of the colonels for the attack in Georgios Papadopulos, the military head of the regime. Segregated for five years in a prison where the most atrocious torture suffers, briefly returned to freedom, he knows the exile, he returns to his homeland when the dictatorship crumbled, he is elected deputy in Parliament and unnecessarily seeks to show that the same men of the deposit comes Continue to occupy power positions. It loses life in a mysterious car accident in 1976. Oriana Fallaci meets Panagulis in 1973 when, a graceful of a grace that she had not asked but that the whole world claimed for him, comes out of prison. The two fall in love with a deep love, accomplice, battliero. She joins him and shares a fight never pays. "The rebel poet, the solitary hero, is an individual without followers: does not drag the masses to the streets, it does not cause revolutions. But it prepares them. Even if it does not combine anything immediate and practical, even if it is expressed through bravate or Humor, even if it is rejected and offended, he moves the waters of the pond that is silent, cracks the dams of conformism that brakes, disturbs the power it oppresses. " (Preface of Domenico Procacci)

  • Author: Oriana Fallaci
  • Format: Paperback, 14 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages: 645
  • Publisher: BUR Univ. Rizzoli Library
  • Necklace: Best Bur
  • Year: 2014

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