A normal guy

After the success of maybe tomorrow rest, Lorenzo Marone returns with an extraordinary narrative evidence who has a child and his hero, Giancarlo Siani, the journalist who was a victim of the Camorra for protagonists in 85.

A novel about friendship, adolescence and love, but above all, a story that speaks of the importance of the stories and the value of the words.

"At twelve years I became a friend of a superhero. He was twenty-five, lived in my condominium in Naples, which in some ways is also more dangerous than Gotham City, he was called Giancarlo and, despite my insistences, he said he was not at all a superhero. "

Mimì, twelve years, glasses, parlantina from sapientone and fixed for comics, astronauts and karate kids, lives in a stable of Vomero, in Naples, where she works as a goalkeeper. He passes the days on the sidewalk together with his best friend Sasà, a small crush, or in the two-room apartment that he shares with his parents, the teenage sister and grandparents. In 1985, the year in which everything changes, Mimì is exercising in the transmission of thought, plan plans to be able to buy a spiderman costume and seeks the way to attack button with purple by convincing it to bring to eat to Morla, the turtle that He lives on the large balcony on the top floor. But above all, she knows Giancarlo, her superhero her. Which, instead of the Batmobile, has a green Mehari. That he doesn't fly or move mountains, but he writes. And that as weapons he has an agenda and a biro, with which he fights to defeat evil. Giancarlo is Giancarlo Siani, the journalist of "Il Mattino" which will fall victims of the Camorra just that year and ahead of that palace. In the months preceding September 23, the day the young journalist will be killed, and in the small circumscribed world of the Stabile of Vomero (thirty concierge tiles that protect and suffocate at the same time), Mimì becomes great. And she discovers the importance of friendship and real bonds, the pungles of the first love, the saving value of stories and words. Because superheroes may not exist, but the memory of special people and their small great actions remain.

  • Author: Lorenzo Marone
  • Format: Paperback, 14 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 283
  • Publisher: Feltrinelli
  • Necklace: The narrators
  • Year: 2018

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