A month with Montalbano

Thirty crimes to be solved. Crimes of love, of interest, of the mafia, the fruit of ambition, of exaltation, of explosives of fury or of wearing everyday life. Thirty investigations in search of justice that Commissioner Montalbano strives to pursue in the heart of Sicily. A man with an ordinary existence, from an integrated officer, with an eternal girlfriend far away, in Liguria, and three great passions: good food, good wine and literature. Brusque, sometimes scorbutic, but endowed with an irresistible position of humanity and irony, except Montalbano applies its intelligence to an extraordinary sampling of crimes, premeditated or pretential, frozen, threatened or only simulated. A fierce and violent world, which he faces with the weapons of logic, but also of pity and humor.

  • Author: Andrea Camilleri
  • Format: Paperback, 12 x 16.7 cm
  • Pages: 502
  • Publisher: Sellerio Publisher Palermo
  • Necklace: memory
  • Year: 2017

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