Ultimate Avengers Movie Collection (3 DVDs)

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

The casket encloses the following films: "Ultimate Avengers - the film" "Ultimate Avengers 2" "Next Avengers - the heroes of tomorrow". "Ultimate Avengers". The film: in 1945 the Nazi war machine trembles humanitagrave; And the Nazis prepare their allied final weapon with a strength of another world: aliens. But the allies manage to stop them thanks to their secret weapon: Captain America. Sixty years after a new alien danger threatens the humanitagrave;. Captain America returns from the past but not egrave this time; Only: with him Nick Fur, Commander of S.h.i.e.l.D., brought together the pugrave; Powerful super-humans of the earth: Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, the black widow and Hulk who together form ... The Ultimate Avengers! ...; "Ultimate Avengers 2": Wakanda Egrave; A small and semi-unconscuted state in the heart of Africa which thrives thanks to the isolation and closure of its borders. But now a danger from the space threatens the nation. His young king, T'challa, also known as a black panther, to faint hergrave; forced to come less to the tradition of his country and asking for help to pugrave; Powerful Heroes of the Earth: the Ultimate Avengers ...; "The Next Avengers. The heroes of tomorrow": Avengers, the pugrave; Powerful heroes of the earth, sacrificed their lives in the fight against the evil Robot Ultron. But not everything egrave; lost percheacute; Ton Stark has brought the sons of Avengers secretly preparing them to complete the fight that their parents started. But Stark does not egrave; The only one of the original Avengers survived, if the boys will be able to find it will also have Bruce Banner ... the incredible hulk.

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