TZN: Best of - The 2015 Edition Tour Stadium

A rich reissue of the Best of Titian Ferro. In this casket in addition to 2cd with its successes, add 2cd with all 29 Live songs of "The 2015 Tour Stadium" and a fantastic DVD video with the concert recorded in San Siro on 4 and 5 July past (full version of the live , over 2 hours and 10 minutes in concert with 5.1 and stereo audio). An incredible box at a truly extraordinary price.

Disc 1
3.Without ever escaping
4.The end
5.Love is a simple thing
6.Too good
7.To say hello!
8.Have islands in the eye
9.the last night in the World
10.the difference between me and you
11.Each Tear feat. Mary J.Blige
12.Slip again
13.The sun exists for all
15.The Greatest Gift
16.At my age
17.And out is dark
18.And Raffaella is mine

Disc 2
1.I'll take a picture of you
2.And I was so happy
3.Stop! Forget
4.If the world stopped
5.I love you
6.Universal Prayer feat. Jamelia
7.I don't know how to explain it to me
8.Dark nights
10.The things you don't say
11.Relative red
13.The Olympiad
15.The wind
16.my angel
17.On my skin
18.When you return

Disco 3
1.XDONE (Live San Siro)
2.The difference between me and you (Live San Siro)
3.Too good (Live San Siro)
4.Back (Live San Siro)
5.And out is dark (live San Siro)
6.Happened (Live San Siro)
7.The biggest gift (Live San Siro)
8.Slides again (Live San Siro)
9.The Sun exists for everyone (Live San Siro)
10.Without escaping again (Live San Siro)
11.Stop! Forget (Live San Siro)
12.Xverso (Live San Siro)
13.The Olympiad (Live San Siro)
14.You have islands in the eye (live San Siro)

Disco 4
1.And I was delighted (Live San Siro)
2.Love is a simple thing (live san siro)
3.I'll take a picture of you (live San Siro)
4.I love you (live San Siro)
5.The things you don't say (Live San Siro)
6.And Raffaella is mine (Live San Siro)
7.Relative red (Live San Siro)
8.The last night in the world (Live San Siro)
9.To say hello! (Live San Siro)
10.At my age (live San Siro)
11.The end (Live San Siro)
12.The stadium (Live San Siro)
13.I don't explain it to me (Live San Siro)
14.Enchantment (Live San Siro)

  • Artist: Tiziano Ferro
  • Format: Audio CD. 4 disks
  • Label: Universal Music Italia
  • Format: DVD. PAL. 1 disk
  • Region: Region 0
  • Year: 2015

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