All snow-fault! (And even a little New York)

Annalisa Molinari, "Sassi" for her friends, is 26 years old and from Verate, in Brianza, she moved to Milan where she shares an apartment with two friends. She intelligent, ironic and sincere up to selfolithism, she often ends up hunting in embarrassing situations to the limits of Harakiri. Below her her doing her a little distracted of her, however, she hides a great tenacity: the one that allowed her to graduate in law and to start working in one of the most important legal studies in Milan. And it is right among those muffled walls that, the first day of work, Sassi manages to make one of the funny fool of her right in front of Max, son of the founder of the study, recently returned from America to take the place of the Father. A rich, unpleasant young and ... terribly charming. But Sassi cannot devote all his time to the delicate management of relationships in the study, because friends claim it (in particular Eugenia, with his "list of good parties to be tested"), because on weekends returns to Verate, where business Of his mother's heart they keep her not very busy, and, above all, because he must protect his secret: a hidden injury in the past for which he intends to obtain justice. This edition is deeply different from the original self-published version, thanks to the comments of the entire community and the editing carried out by the publishing house.

  • Author: Virginia Bramati
  • Format: Paperback, 12.8 x 20 cm
  • Pages: 260
  • Publisher: Mondadori
  • Necklace: Oscar Bestsellers
  • Year: 2015

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