Time from Elves. Boschi novel, wolves and other mysteries

The seasons will always take up the same in Casadisopra, between the nerina tobacconist and the two cases - of the carabinieri and the forest - which vain watch over the trattoria-bar of Benito, where even when the hunting season is closed the pig served in the table has A curious aftertaste of wild boar ... yet lately something is changing. In the village, boys and girls appear from the colored clothes, they fit hand-woven leather sandals and sell the products of the forest and pastoralism: they are the elves, who live in small communities isolated on the mountain, without electricity, practicing the barter and hosting anyone knocking To their door without asking questions. Maybe they can take care of the Apennine territory, increasingly neglected and depopulated, while on the forestry body the fate of being absorbed in the Carabinieri weapon looms? Marco Gherardini, said Poiana, forestry inspector, does not act in time to immaleonconi with these thoughts that behold, in the air they resonate two shots just when even the hunters would have led to explode them. And in a short thereafter, a corpse is found at the foot of a cliff: just a young elf, he would say. The most difficult survey of his career begins for Poiana. Because it could be the last one, but not only: because he will find himself to suspect more dear friends, because he will have to admit that the feminine intuition can be unbeatable, because to find the right direction he will have to be ready to get lost in the woods. ..

  • Author: Francesco Guccini, Loriano Macchiavelli
  • Format: Hardcover, 16 x 23.5 cm
  • Pages: 312
  • Publisher: Finnings publisher
  • Necklace: Joint writers
  • Year: 2017

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