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Tatanka is showing at the 2012 Italian Film Festival. The Extraordinary Story of Michele, Known As Tatanka, Played by Italian Olympic Boxing Hopeful Clement Russian. Michele Is a Young Man from the Outskirts of Caserta Who, Thanks to Boxing, Successfuls in Freeing Himself From A Life of Organized Crime. During His Journey of him, He Passes from the Dangerous Outskirts of Naples To The Clandestine Boxing Rings of Berlin, finally to decisive, unexpected ending. Based on the book "Beauty and Hell" by Roberto Saviano. Michele and Rosario are friends for the skin, but soon their streets are divided. While Rosario chooses to bind to the local criminality to get money and power, Michele dreams of becoming a great boxing champion. Escape from the periphery life and the Camorra Michele will have to find the courage necessary to face a hard and adventurous path that will take you to discover the true meaning of friendship, love, freedom and flavor of victory. http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/film/trailer/tatanka/392316

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