Up and down from a stage

Disc 1
1.The day of pain one has
2.The boys are around
3.What you are not
4.You have a moment God
5.A son named Elvis
6.I put away
7.Bar Mario
8.Saim the skin
9.Son of a dog
10.Marlon Brando is always him
11.Sitting by the ditch
13.Screaming against the sky
14.What time is the end of the world

Disc 2
1.Between stage and reality
2.Dreams of Rock'n Roll
3.Happy birthday Elvis
4.Lambrusco & Pop Corn
5.The sky is empty or the sky is full
6.Babilina and Barracuda
7.The zoo is here
8.Little Star without sky
9.I live dead or X
10.Some nights
11.It's not time for us
12.Free nos in Malo
13.We dance on the world
15.Last tango in Memphis

  • Artist: Ligabue
  • Format: Audio CD, 2 discs
  • Label: Warner Music Italia
  • Year: 1997

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