History of a cat and mouse who became his friend

Monk. Max grew up with his Mix cat. And a deep, almost symbiotic bond. Max, reached independence from the paternal house, goes to live alone, taking behind the beloved cat. The work of him, unfortunately, often leads him away from home and mix, which is aging and is losing the view, is forced to pass long days in solitude. But one day he feels coming from the noise from the pantry of the house and senses that there is a mouse there ... another great story of friendship in the difference, this is the magic of Luis Sepulveda.

  • Author: Luis Sepulveda
  • Original title: Historia de Mix, De Max y de Mex
  • Format: Hardcover, 14 x 20.5 cm
  • Pages: 86
  • Publisher: Guanda
  • Necklace: Phoenix narrators
  • Year 2012

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