Story of who escapes and who stays. The brilliant friend read by Anna Bonaiuto. Audio. 2 Audio CD MP3 format.

Loaded with hopes and tensions, comes the wind of the 1970s that everything falls apart. Elena, a graduate of the Normal of Pisa, publishes a lucky novel that marks her entry into the cultural and intellectual environment. Lila, leaving her husband, kills herself working in a salami factory on the outskirts of Naples. Although far away, the two friends in their daily battles continue to mirror each other, united by a strong and ambivalent bond. Part Three of Tetralogy The Brilliant Friend.

  • Author: Elena Ferrante
  • Read by: Anna Bonaiuto
  • Format: CD Audio format MP3, 2 disks
  • Editor: Emons Italia
  • Collana: Best seller
  • Duration: 15 hours 17 minutes
  • Year: 2016

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