Anti-Mafia Team - Palermo Today - Season 01 (3 DVDs)

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

After the success of 'Il Capo dei Capi' is the last godfather ', the mafia of Palermo changes the face. Claudia Mares, Vice Quaestore of Rome's furniture, is called to Palermo to guide the new operation of the 'Duomo', the antimafia team that made the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano possible. Claudia finds himself; You need to counter a new and ruthless war among the 'escapati' that return to Palermo after years of Latth in America, and the pugrave families; Important of the Sicilian mafia that fight for the conquest and the division of the territories left to be discovered by the capture of the last godfather '. She doesn't egrave; pugrave; The only time of pips. Thanks to telephone wiretapping, encrypted communications, satellite observations and sophisticated espionage technologies, our men will find that the egrave struggle; Full of inland pitfalls.

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