Spider-Man-The unforgettable stories-04 The kiss of the spider

Soap opera to comic books. The stories of Spider-Man are also this. The women who have made them fall in love, and often suffer, Peter Parker are the protagonists of these tales. Can a superhero in love continue his fight for justice? All the loves of the spider in a volume full of adventure and feelings.

Contains :
In the hands of the Hunter!
Panic in prison
The shot of Mirage!
Memories of the past
The marriage
The Coffee Bean Barn!
Chaos at Coffee Bean!
Open all night

  • Author : Stan Lee
  • Format : Brossura, 18.5 x 28 cm
  • Pages : 192
  • Publisher : Panini Comics
  • Necklace : The Journal of Sport
  • Year : 2007

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