Socrates at coffee. How philosophy can taught us, with simplicity and satisfaction, to understand us and the world

From 1992 every Sunday to the Cafè des Phares in Paris, the Philosopher Marc Sautet soul a debate to which anyone can participate. This is a special moment in which philosophy finds its oldest size to respond to human problems with a language accessible to all. Not far from there, the study of Sautet's phytophy is open to anyone asking for consultations. And so that for some years in the French capital the ancient practice of philosophy returns to being the instrument to face the newspaper, to reflect on the state, justice, violence, human condition. In this book the philosopher invites us to follow him along a journey that traces the history of Western culture.

  • Author: Marc Sautet
  • Pages: 330
  • Format: Paperback, 13 x 20 cm
  • Publisher: Tea
  • Necklace: tea fiction
  • Year: 2007

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