Serenade Unnamed - Night for Commissioner Ricciardi

More than fifteen years have passed since Vinnie Sannino emigrated to America, embarking on a ship. He was successful there, he became world champion of boxing in the mediomax category. But the last opponent of him, a boxer of color, he died, and he didn't feel the most to continue. Now he is back to chasing the love never forgotten, Cettina, the girl who had cried desperate at the start of him. The life of her, however, has been going on for her too, who is now a woman and wife. Vedova, indeed: because her husband, a rich merchant, is found dead. Someone murdered him by endolo with a fist at the temple, similar to what, in a damn evening, Vinnie vibrated in the ring across the world. For Ricciardi and Maione, and for their hearts, it will be a bad week of rain.

"The corpse was of a big and big man, paved to the side, his arms narrow to his chest and his knees against the belly. The dress he wore was of good workmanship, and the overcoat, opened, seemed new and expensive, even if dirty Of mud. He could have about fifty years, maybe fewer. The face was tumofed and the left temple went a strange depression ".

  • Author: Maurizio De Giovanni
  • Format: Paperback, 12.5 x 19.5 cm
  • Pages: 418
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: Free Style Big
  • Year: 2018

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