The parents of the little Mario must leave for a conference, or perhaps simply take the time to understand if their marriage arrived at the terminus. Therefore the child is left to the care of a practically unknown grandfather, an old illustrator, grumpy and amazed, who has lived for many years in Milan. Between four walls and a balcony, in seventy-two hours this sharp story takes place, the perfidum and fun clash between a tired and distracted grandfather and a small pentular and vital gendarme. In the game that is played with each other, between alliances, rivalry and games and games are not always funny, it is the life that is reflected in all its forms: the life spent and that in power, the hard life and mocking of Naples who reached the man After so many years, the life of the house that seems to awaken slowly, full of echoes and ghosts. After "laces", one of the masters of contemporary literature returns to tell the hardness of family bonds. And he does it with a very tensive novel, which makes us smile continuously but does not spare us the precise dissection of our fears, of our loss in front of the tenacity of life inside and after us.

  • Author: Domenico Starnone
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 20.7 cm
  • Pages: 164
  • Publisher: Einaudi
  • Necklace: Super et
  • Year: 2017

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