Save Mozart

Summer 1939, Austria is already German territory. While the story sharpens the knives, eight J. Steiner spends his days in a Salzburg sanatorium. Austrian, Jewish, completely alone, Otto has a single love: music. Tuberculosis devours, the disease humiliates, deprivations force him to the margins of the world. A dissonant world for his ear from Melomania, a lack of unforgivable taste for this free soul, a privileged and involuntary witness of a certain vision of man now in dismissal. Everything seems lost, when an unexpected event will take eight one step away from changing the destinies of the century. And if the only one to save was Mozart? With raggering humor, ferocious ferocity and a gravity does not devote Malizia, Raphael Jerusalmy signs a first cruelly subversive novel.

  • Author: Raphael Jerusalmy
  • Format: Paperback, Pages: 120
  • Publisher: Edizioni and / or
  • Necklace: from the world
  • Translator: Gaia Panfili
  • Year: 2013

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