Irresistible novel of my real life told almost in the last and more extraordinary developments

But can a loved woman in a very distant summer of youth and never more magazine, upset, after more than thirty years, the existence of a man? And what happens to Giulio Guasso. For her, as in a fitzgerald novel, Giulio has become a writer, and the destiny will take care of it, through his inscrutable textures, to make them come back as, after all, had already happened the first time. Set to the world to give it to the heir to the Sublime Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli - who asks him to appear in a dream to his mother - The young Guido will reduce instead to teach piano in the dispersed countries between the dark forests of a wild and uncontaminated south. But it will be the mother of one of his students to start the fate wheel, procuring him the position of pianist in a great hotel in Ravello. Here Giulio will be projected to a thousand light years from the existence of him in his great southern family, in that cosmopolitan environment of which he had some fleeting vision from the stories of uncle gussascì, carabiniere in the Rome of the sweet life and impenitent sciuplopes, one of the characters Memorable of the novel. But many others count and every strew. Thus the devout aunts, loving in love with the brother gangster, the negotiating father who mildles the inventor of the commercial formula of the "wedding list"; The two Irmgard and Achim von Kruger cosmic musicians; The Poet Sasà Sassi and the Candido Rosario, a failed and terrorist architect by chance among the real ones ...

  • Author: Gaetano Cappelli
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 20.5 cm
  • Pages: 239
  • Publisher: Marsilio
  • Year 2012

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