Wedding present

Current Hercules has twenty-nine years, in a few days you married, after five years of engagement. On a hot Sunday of August, while he is going to lunch from his mother, on the lakefront he sees a white Fiat 600. And equal to the machine on which he had made the first journey of the life of him, twenty years before. With Assunta Mom, Dad Amedeo and especially Uncle Pinuccio. Unforgettable, that trip, like Uncle Pinuccio. "Nato Gagà", as his sister assumed said. But even unsurpassed Cacciaballe, he told of being a business engineer for the great Como silk producers. Thanks to the mirabulars stories of him, he was able to fascinate any female to him. But even a bit mysterious, that trip: Hercules will succeed in discovering the background only twenty years later, in that Aphosa Sunday at the end of August.

  • Author: Andrea Vitali
  • Format: bound, 14.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Pages: 151
  • Publisher: Garzanti Books
  • Necklace: Modern narrators
  • Year 2012

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