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He is Johann Trollmann (1907-1943), Sinti Boxer in Nazi Germany, the best of all, but there is a particular: he is a gypsy. Johann's life immediately starts running, since, a child, he discovers the boxing and goes up to the ring, bringing with him the values ​​and tradition of his people, and gaining amazing victories, one more exciting than the other, with the public (above all female) in visible. But a gypsy is not like the other Germans: how can the great Germany represent to the 1928 Olympics? The streets of success were soon browned, the political climate worsens, Nazism overwhelms everything, even the life of him and that of him. It doesn't matter that Johann is the best, the title of medium-sampled weights will be denied, despite the victory in the ring. From that moment his life becomes impossible: first the divorce he is forced to save his wife and daughter, then sterilization, the war to which he participates as a soldier and finally the concentration camp and the last challenge, the decisive one, against the Kapò, who will win, and for this he will be punished. With death. Dario Fo, thanks to a search by Paolo Cagna Ninci, once again recovers a true and forgotten story. Only recently Germany recognized the value and authenticity of this story by delivering the Trollmann family the crown of medium-sized weights denied to Johann eighty years earlier.

  • Author: Dario Fo
  • Format: Paperback, 15 x 22.5 cm
  • Pages: 150
  • Publisher: Chiareletto
  • Necklace: NARRATIONS
  • Year: 2016

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