Radio Italia Summer Hits Summer 2016

It came out in all the "Radio Italia Summer Hits 2016 disk stores, the new double compilation dedicated to the warmest season of the year and the Italian hits of the moment!

In the double CD 24 songs among the most engaging than the national musical scene, for a summer to live and sing!

Disc 1
1.j-ax & fedez - I would like but not placed
2. Forresca Michielin - a heart in two
3.Mengoni - Only two satellites
4.Lorenzo Strawberry - Light that enters
5.Luca Carboni - Happy
6. Annalisa - If I had a heart
7.Biaggio Antonacci - short circuit
8. absolutezero - a song and that's it
9.Memma - Paradise does not exist
10.alessio Bernabei - I and I = the solution
11.Malika Ayane - Blue
12.max gazge - it seems normal to you

Disc 2
1.Zucchero - Partisano Reggiano
2.Alexandra Amoroso - Living in color
3.Vasco Rossi - The only guitar blues
4.Tiromancino - Small miracles
5.Gianluca Grignani - a road in the middle of the sky
6.Giusy Ferreri - Like an hour ago
7.Rocco Hunt - I'm fine
8. Dolca - 100 thousand watts
9.Francesco Gabbani - eternally now
10.Negramaro - Love here does not pass
11.Francesco Renga - look at love
12.Claudia MegRé - You can't

  • Artist: Various
  • Format: Audio CD, 2 discs
  • Label:Only Italian music
  • Year: 2016

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