Something written

Rome, early nineties. While the twentieth-century dreams turn to an inexorable end and Berlusconi starts to take power, a thirteer thirty-year-old cynical and naive, unearth and deep together to find work in an archive, the Pier Paolo Pasolini fund. On that dedal of cards enclosed in a building of the Prati district, a Bisbetic Laura Betti reigns on the sunset avenue: but the encounter with the crowd heroine of this book, self-styled and yet authentic spiritual heir of the Friulian poet, equivalent to the young man to a Meeting with Pasolini himself, as if the actress of "theorem" was shaped, possessed by his living presence, from his private itinerary of undefessed sexual experimenter and his public art story, heresy and provocation. "Something written" tells the shadow line of this contagion and the inevitable leave from it - a leave from adolescence and an entire age; But another story also tells, that of an initiation to the mysteries, access to the most stored and eternal secret of life. A history hidden in "oil", the unfinished novel of pasolini that saw the light in 1992 and ruses here in a radical and illuminating interpretation. A story that will lead the reader twice in Greece, at the sacred eleusi: as a guide, first the book posthumous by Pier Paolo Pasolini, then the disenchantment of our age - in which the paradoxical flash of mystery can still shine.

  • Author: Emanuele Trevi
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 246
  • Publisher: Bridge to the Grazie
  • Necklace: novels
  • Year 2012

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