Marco Mengoni was the absolute protagonist of the Sanremo 2013 festival; The amazing victory of the youngest singer in the race in the Big category has agreed public and criticism.

The new album #prontoacorrer is the most awaited record of 2013: 15 unpublished pieces, produced by Michele Canova and registered between Los Angeles and Milan, including the winning song of the "The Essenziae" festival, Intesa Ballad with text signed by the same mengoni, from Roberto Casalino and de Benedittis, and the song "beautiful" written for him by Gianna Nannini and Pacific, who continue to support him with very flattering words.

CD Tracklist
1. The essential
2. I don't notice it
3. You will not pass
4. another blow
5. Life does not listen
6. Ready to run
7. Beautiful
8. The valley of the kings
9. The Got the Fear
10. I had another way
11. Let's avoid (the solution)
12. 20 cigarettes
13. Shoot in the desert
14. A word
15. Christmas without gifts

  • Artist: Marco Mengoni
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Sony BMG Music Ent.
  • Year: 2013

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