Award-winning ficcading sisters company

Bellano 1915. In an evening of late November a faithful parishion, the stained principal, presents himself in the Canonica: she urgently need to talk to the prevounted, which in the village also solves the issues of heart. Her son Jeremiah, docile big boy who in thirty-two years has never given a problem, seems to have lost his head. He knew a woman, he says, and if he can't marry her he will throw himself into the lake. The object of her desire is getting ficcading, of which nothing knows except that she is beautiful-her too beautiful for one like him - and that together with her sister Zemia she is about to inaugurate a haberdashery. That is enough, in the small community, to arouse a potiperium of chatter and suspicion. Why can their company say "awarded"? From who? And what traffic hide the trips that the youth performs every Thursday? Especially, how can you prevent the jeremiah to finish a victim of some deceences? Investigating the sisters will be the responsibility of the prevounted, to return a "normal" child to the print. Easy to say it. Not so easy to move with discretion where there seem to be a thousand eyes and antennas ... What is a country if not a kaleidoscope of stories, an orchestra of men and women who telling life reinvented without stopping, enriching it new details? With deadly irony, vital gives voice to this choir-a symphony of cunning and secrets, envy and gossip-which shows an always different face of truth, and a moment after him hides it to art ...

  • Author: Andrea Vitali
  • Format: Paperback, 16 x 23.5 cm
  • Pages: 447
  • Publisher: BUR Univ. Rizzoli Library
  • Necklace: Best Bur
  • Year: 2016

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