Black track

Black Track, by Antonio Manzini, is the first novel of the series of yellow with the protagonist the Vicequestore Schiavone.

Semiseplated in the middle of a ski slope above Champoluc, in Val d'Aosta, a corpse is found. On the body of him a crawler has passed in use to pave snow, dismembering it and making it unrecognizable. Few trails around for the Vicequestore Rocco Schiavone recently transferred to Aosta: tobacco crumbs, clothing flaps, organic remains of various sin and a macabre sign that it was not an accident but a crime. The victim is called Leone Miccichè. And a Catanese, of a family of wine entrepreneurs, who came between the peaks and glaciers to open a luxurious tourist activity, along with his wife Luisa Pec, an intelligent beauty of the place that stands out among the many who teases the easy appetites of the Vice-deestor. In front of which three slopes open: the mafia revenge, debts, passionate crime. Schiavone was a punitive transfer. And a corrupt policeman, he loves the good life. But he has talent. He puts a piece behind the other in the enhancement of the investigation, placing screws and characters of people as they were fragments of a puzzle. It is not a good man but you can't not partiate it for him, perhaps for his vigorous dislike to the clichés that surround us, perhaps because he is the only bulwark against evil worst, death by homicidal hand ("in nature Death has no faults "), or perhaps for some other reason that closes at the bottom of the heart.

  • Author: Antonio Manzini
  • Format: Paperback, 12 x 16.8 cm
  • Pages: 278
  • Publisher: Sellerio Publisher Palermo
  • Necklace: memory
  • Year: 2013

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