For ten minutes read from Gamberale Chiara. Audiobook. Audio CD MP3 format

Ten minutes a day. Everyday. For one month. Ten minutes to do something new, never before. Ten minutes out of the usual schemes. To stop being afraid. And return to live. Everything with which Chiara was used to identifying her life no longer exists. Because, sometimes, it happens. It happens that your companion ever abandons you. Whether you have to leave the house where you grew up. That your work is entrusted to another. What do you do then? Rudolf Steiner has no doubt: you play. Chiara has nothing to lose, and you tried. For a whole month, every day, for at least ten minutes, she decides to do something new, never done before. She who is unable to just approach the stove, pancakes cooking, walking behind the city, dance hip-hop, listen to her mother's problems, delivers her cell phone to a stranger. Of ten minutes in ten minutes, you arrive so to accommodate real estate that she would never imagine and bring her to surprising choices. From which to start again. Chiara Gamberale tells how scary change, but necessary. And she shows how, a minute at a time, you can go back to live.

  • Author: Chiara Gamberale
  • Read from: Chiara Gamberale
  • Size: Audio CD MP3 format, 1 disk
  • Publisher: Emons Italy
  • Necklace: Feltrinelli
  • Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes
  • Year: 2014

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