No night will remain

Rome, twenty-four December. Sabina, a twenty-year-old girl like so many, entered the largest park in the city: wants to find a place to lie down, alone, on the grass, far from the streets and their noise, from the explosions of the Bengal who arrive everywhere, Far from the lite just had with Stephen who left her at home alone. And she angry. She finally finds a corner of lawn to close her eyes. When you reopen them, she crashes into a nightmare: she can't see anything anymore. And she became blind, in a villa that has a perimeter of almost ten kilometers and thick areas of vegetation that in the condition of her turn into a trap. The Ignara city, around you and the villa of her, continues to celebrate her party night. Wound and terrified, you face a dangerous way in search of an exit, a return to the city and to the people from which she has just fled, to save himself and to save the life that she has for a few months in her lap.

  • Author: Giacomo Lopez
  • Format: Hardcover, 14 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 143
  • Publisher: Marsilio
  • Necklace: novels and tales
  • Year: 2009

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