Don't tell me you're afraid

Samia is a little girl from Mogadishu. You have the stroke in your blood. She every day she divides her dreams of her with Alì, who is a friend of her heart, confident and first, passionate coach. While around Somalia is increasingly prey than political and religious irrigation, while arms speak more stronger than the tongue of the supraf, Samia looks far away, and feels in its lean and very fast legs a fate of redemption for the tortured country and for the Somalous women. Night workouts in the desert stadium, to hide from the eyes of her accusers of the integralists, and the first statements of her carry it, just seventeen, to qualify to the Beijing Olympics. You come last, but it becomes a symbol for Muslim women around the world. The real dream of her, however, is to win. The appointment is with the 2012 London Olympics. But everything becomes difficult. The integralists take even more power, Samia runs closed inside a burqa and is forced to face a tearing loss, while the "brother of a lifetime" changes its existence forever. Stay there, suddenly, she no longer makes sense. She a night her part she, on foot. Racing the freedom and dream of winning the Olympics. She alone, she takes the journey of eight thousand kilometers, the odyssey of migrants from Ethiopia to Sudan and, through Sahara, Libya, to get by sea in Italy.

  • Author: Giuseppe Cattozzella
  • Format: Paperback, 14 x 20 cm
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Feltrinelli
  • Necklace: universal economic. Boys
  • Year: 2020

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