Nocedicocco and the mysterious temple

The Green Dragon Fabrilfo Robivecchi is safe: the end of the world is close! He read him in an ancient papyrus written by an ancient people. The dragon council is in turmoil. But the Spitafuoco Nocedicocco dragon and his trusted friends, the Leopoldo hedgehog and the Oscar pangione dragon, have some doubts: perhaps it is better to consult the wise oracoline and leave for the proiBrto temple, the terrifying place in which the god of the thunder and where It seems there is an ancient Maya calendar ... Ready age: For 5 years.

  • Author: Ingo Siegner
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 19 cm
  • Pages: 85
  • Publisher: Einaudi boys
  • Necklace: stories and rhymes
  • Translator: Floriana Pagano
  • Year: 2015

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