Nobody like us

Turin, 1987. Vincenzo, for friends wins, aspiring paninaro and aspiring seventeen year old, is in love with Caterina, said Cate, his third-high school classmate, who instead falls in love with everyone except him. Without realizing her, she makes him suffer by asking him for continuous loving advice under the perplexed eyes of Spain, the school dark, black hair and pungent tongue. In class Vince, Cate and Spain are called "Three Hearts for rent", as the inseparable trio of their favorite sit-com. The balance of this cheerful trio is distorted, in the school year, from the arrival of Romeo Fioravanti, beautiful, spoiled and a little arrogant, which has already rejected a year and risks losing another one. Romeo is about took eighteen, embodies the eighties and believes to know everything just because he is of a good family. But he wins and cate, without wanting him, they will question the certainties of him. To watch over them there will always be Betty button, the passionate Italian teacher, who scolds them in French and does modern dance exercises while explains Dante. She will also fall into the trap of adolescence and will start a trip for which nobody ever prepares me enough: that of unexpected love, which makes the heart beat even when "shouldn't". In a state high school where the rich of the hill and the least privileged of the Turin periphery, Vince, Cate, Romeo and Spain will leave for a journey to discover themselves without having a computer or a smartphone that indicates the way, asking for , going to slam, by writing a little cards and praying a landline because they sound when I'm at home. And above all, understanding how important it is to be afraid of their weaknesses.

  • Author: Luca Bianchini
  • Format: Paperback, 15.5 x 23.3 cm
  • Pages: 250
  • Publisher: Mondadori
  • Necklace: Italian and foreign writers
  • Year: 2017

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