Music x

The album of consecration for the Piedmontese sextet, in conjunction with participation in the Sanremo 2014 festival includes the songs the only one and Italy seen from the bar. Music X is the most cohesive disturbance album: 12 songs in just over 40 minutes. The heterogeneity of writing and continuous divagation between genres is also confirmed by the guests present: the dogs (in the corrosive this is Sparta), the Cantautrice Erica Mou (female voice of obsession) and finally Luca Carboni who duets with Tommaso Cerasuolo nor kisses prohibited. Apparently distant worlds, but that with language properties talk to each other: the artistic mission of disturbance has always been.

A unique album in the current Italian panorama, where styles, mobility, diversity, courage, ambition converge. In a word: complexity. Simply.

1.The only one 
2.Italy seen from the bar 
4.Life in front 
5.Music X 
6.Other than the rest 
7.My infinite daughter 
8.Forbidden kisses (Feat. Luca Carboni) 
11.This is Sparta 

  • Artist: Perturbation
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Mescal
  • Year: 2014

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