New and expected unreleased album for over 3 years from goodbye, monster!.

"I get a fracture during a concert and 2 minutes later you can see a friend of mine of Los Angeles. It's official: we are all in Mondovision. Mondovision, however, it is also the" vision of a world ".

Thus Ligabue presented the new worldwide album, published at three and a half years away from goodbye, monster! And anticipated by the single the salt of the earth. The disc contains 14 direct and engaging tracks that clearly express the thinking of the Correggio rocker.

1.The sound wall
2.We are who we are
3.The volume of your lies
4.The snow does not care
5.The salt of the earth
6.Capo Spartivento
7.You are her
8.Born to live (now and here)
9.The earth trembles, my love
11.What remains of us
12.The sound, the ugly and the bad
13.With the excuse of rock 'n' Roll
14.I am always dreams to give shape to the world

  • Artist: Ligabue
  • Format: Audio CD, 1 disk
  • Label: Warner Music Italia
  • Year: 2013

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