Mystery to the abbey. With audio CD

For Anna and Marco, in Young Couple, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A RESTFUL HOLIDAY, A BREAK FROM STUDYING FOR THEIR UNIVERSITY COURSES, IN THE PEACEFUL LOMBARDY COUNTRYSIDE. But Too Many Strange Things Happen in The Nearby Abbey of Morimondo. What mystery is hidden in Those Age-Old Walls? WHO is SNEAKING AROUND THEABEY? Will Ann and Marco Manage to Resolve The Case And Remove All Doubts?

For Anna and Marco, two young boyfriends had to be a vacation of a whole rest, a pause from university studies, in the calm of the Lombard countryside.

But so many strange things happen in the nearby Abbey of Morimondo.

Which mystery is concealed within those secular walls?

Who wandered out in the abbey?

Anna and Marco will be able to resolve the case and dissolve all the doubts?

  • Author: Maria Luisa Banfi, Simona Gavelli
  • Format: Paperback, 14.8 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 128
  • Level: Level 3
  • Publisher: Publisher Cideb
  • Necklace: Learning reading
  • Year: 2008

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