Marvel Super Heroes (3 DVDs)

Playback Region 2: This will not play on most dvd players sold in the u.s.

The casket contains the following films: "The invincible Iron Man" "Dr. Strange - The Supreme Wizard" "Hulk vs Thor Hulk vs Wolverine". "The invincible Iron Man": Ton Stark Egrave; An industrial multimiliardary plane from brilliant mind. A serious accident forces him to devise a technologically advanced armor in degrees to keep his heart active, but not only: armor, when worn allows him to have superhuman strength and resistance, to fly through jet boots and to emit of repulsions; "Dr. Strange - The Supreme Wizard": Dr. Strange Egrave; The supreme magician of the Marvel universe. Thanks to the powers of him egrave; able to create an astral projection of secute; himself and egrave; Also equipped with two formidable mystical weapons: the levitation hood and the Agamotto eye. The latter in particular allows him to discover the disguises, to evoke images of the past, to probe the minds and open ways to other sizes; "Hulk vs. Wolverine Hulk vs. Thor": Dr. Bruce banner, during a nuclear experiment, is struck by the explosion of a gamma-ray bomb. Miraculously survived discovers that radiation, at times of extreme stress, cause the transformation of him into Hulk, a brutous and wild green giant with the strength of a thousand armies that personifies the anger of him for a long repressed. Hulk egrave; The pugrave creature; powerful earth and pugrave; He rages Pugrave; It becomes strong.

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