Brave moms for rebel children

Jade is Mya's mom, a lively three-year-old girl. Since she hugged her for the first time, her life has turned into a swing of unforgettable moments and unexpected crisis to which no parent's manual could prepare her. And if passed the first year it believes that the worst has passed, one is wrong. No one knows better than Jade. Now that her daughter is growing up, daily challenges multiply. Two years he began the true rebellion of her sons. Ninnananne and diapers are nothing compared to the stories of goodnight that they seem to never end, to the "why" that go into the leads as summer torsters or "no" that become mantra and the only answer to all the questions. Jade understands that you should not be alarmed if you don't have the solution right away. Because when it comes to making the mother there are no instructions. She just takes courage at will. Because imperfection is the only universally valid rule. And the set of all these imperfect and hilarious moments to make the mothers increasingly courageous and the children wonderfully rebels.

  • Author: Giada Sundas
  • Format: Hardcover, 14.5 x 22 cm
  • Pages: 175
  • Publisher: Garzanti Books
  • Necklace: Modern narrators
  • Year: 2018

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