Never forget

"Do you meet a beautiful girl on a cliff's eyelash? Don't tend your hand! They could believe you pushed it."

Is what happens to Jamal Salaououi, thirty-year-old sports with a carbon prosthesis instead of the left leg, which nevertheless trains every day running up and down the white cliffs of Yport, a pretty village overlooking the sleeve from the French side, with l The aim of being the first handicap carrier athlete to participate in the Ultra-Trail del Monte Bianco, the hardest country racing in the world.

The suicide of the girl interrupts the projects of him. He meets her, beautiful and desperate, at the top of the cliff, tries to save her, but she throws himself the same, and when Jamal drops to the beach, one hundred and twenty meters lower than her, is accused of having been killing her.

What is the truth? Who is the killer? We will know after a pinwheel of twists like only Michel Bussi, master of alchemy and manipulation, emotion and suspense, knows orchestra

  • Author: Michel Bussi
  • Format: Paperback, 13.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 464
  • Publisher: Edizioni and / or
  • Necklace: from the world
  • Year: 2017

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