Maga Martina and the submerged realm of Atlantis. 11.

Martina started making magic from the day she found a book of spells and tricks next to her bed. She didn't resist the temptation and someone immediately tried it. She's life has changed: she now has a secret that even the LEO brother knows. But be careful: better not imitate the magic of Martina!

When the mother tells Martina and Leo of the submerged realm of Atlantis, Martina immediately conquered himself, and the bomb of questions: did it really exist? Why did it disappear? How would its inhabitants like? Too bad the library books cannot respond to her curiosity. Fortunately, there is always the magic book: a spell is enough and Martina ends straight into the abyss, in the iridescent kingdom of Atlantis. Here you immediately come across a gigantic ravenous octopus who blocked the closed entrance and devours anyone who passes there. How will the turtles and the water to get the supplies and the oxygen needed to survive? Once again, at the solution you will have to think about Martina, who certain courage and cunning is certain! Reading age: from 8 years.

  • Author: Knister
  • Format: Hardcover, 15.5 x 21 cm
  • Pages: 136
  • Publisher: probe
  • Year: 2014

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