Lupo Alberto. Three color stories. 8. The small mistake of errors.

The small workshop of mistakes: strange things happen by McKenzie. Lupo Alberto investigates and makes a shocking discovery: the sabotages are the work of exotic speaking plants. Let alone if someone believes!

The scarecrow: at the farm are all worried about the nocturnal races of a crow that steals the shoots and ruins the harvest. Wolf alberto, behind modest compensation, is offered as scarecrow ...

The clay colossus: Lupo Alberto tells the puppies the story of a son of clay found in a chest. The Golem is not feared as the legend says, indeed it is a nice colossus that suffers solitude ...

  • Author: Silver
  • Format: Hardcover, 23 x 28 cm
  • Pages: 32
  • Publisher: Gallucci
  • Necklace: Illustrated
  • Year: 2014

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